GENERAL WARTZ is being hounded by crack reporter, KATE STANWYCK. She is grilling the general about the “strange gaseous emissions from Uranus”. KATE visits DR HENDRON to ask him what he thinks is going on. HENDRON goes into a long and ultimately ridiculous science diatribe and as he’s getting to the climax, RANDALL enters. RANDALL, a good looking and dashing man is an agent of the government, but not a scientist. He has been sent to summon HENDRON for this meeting with the President.


The PRESIDENT presides over a meeting with WARTZ, HENDRON, SENATOR BOB STRONTIUM, RANDALL and the President’s sycophant Chief of Staff, KRELL. The PRESIDENT is told of the imminent danger from Uranus. He is in denial until word comes that something has blasted off Uranus and is headed for Earth.


The alien craft lands on the lawn of the White House. The spaceship, the Navicularis, opens to reveal QUEEN FALLOPIA from Uranus and her crewmates, MAJOR LABIANA and OVARIA. The three ladies are tall, Amazonian women of undeniable allure. FALLOPIA promises that they are on a peaceful mission and totally hoodwinks everyone except KATE, who chafes at the female competition. KRELL volunteers to go aboard the ship. OVARIA seduces KRELL and he is implanted by the Uranian. His mind is wiped clean by the ROBI, the ROBOT and is sent on his way.


Inside the Navicularis. RANDALL and KATE have snuck aboard and overhear part of a conversation between FALLOPIA and OVARIA. Just as they’re about to run away, they are caught by Fallopia’s head of security, LABIANA.


In the final, climatic scene, the Uranian beauties reveal their fiendish plan for all good looking men between the ages of 18 and 34. What will happen? The fate of our planet is in the balance!