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Opens January 11, 2013
at the
Hole in the Wall Theater
New Britain, CT
The Story

Nympho Pics!


Queen Fallopia - Stephanie Layne
Professor Hendron - James DeMarco
Johnny Piefor - Scott Hoffman
Kate Stanwyk Jessica Donofrio
Christopher Krell - Devin Horner
Layne - Zoe Wood
Major Labiana - Rebecca Meakin
The Nurse - Jessica Serra
Ovaria - Scarlet Kline
The President of the United States - Roy Donnelly
Senator Bob Strontium - John Peifer
Randall - Tony Palmieri
ROBI - Matthew Skwiot
General Wartz - John Carroll

Written and Directed by Bill Arnold
Produced by Rebekah Royer Poppel
Stage Managed by Arienne Davey

The Design Concept